How To Become Frickin’ Awesome In 2019! 
Find Your Why To Become Frickin’ Awesome In 2019!
In this no bullshit, straight talking, 100% honest book you’ll discover: 
  • WHY you feel stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled in your life! 
  • HOW understanding which of the 5 genetic styles you are to help you to live the life you were born to live.
  • 3 unique strategies that will help you to stop asking “WHY me?” and start saying, “WHY NOT Me!” including increasing your Awareness, clarifying Intentions, and Manifesting the life you want (by moving your ass!).
  • HOW to uncover your unique purpose (your why) that you were born with (whether you realise it or not!) 
  • WHAT is currently holding you back from being the Director of your own destiny.
  • HOW you can make really simple changes in your life to stop existing and start living again! 
  • ​Throughout this easy to read and straight talking book, there are activities, quizzes and challenges to help you to find your TRUE, 100% honest WHY! 
  • ​And find out from real life WHYs women and how their lives have transformed since they became frickin’ awesome too! 
About The Authors: 
Meet Cheryl and Marion, 2 WHYs women that found their WHY they have set a mission to guide and support 10 million disheartened souls to take back control and choose a life of freedom.
Cheryl Chapman 
Cheryl was “asleep” for 48 years, letting life happen to her and being held back thinking that she wasn’t enough and that she didn’t fit in with everyone else (you can read all about it in your FREE Copy Of Find Your Why.)

Cheryl didn’t truly discover her purpose or even understand the reason WHY she was alive until she started a journey of self-development that led her to understand that she is the director of her life, not others. 

Knowing her WHY has transformed Cheryl’s entire life, from working high pressure demanding jobs, making others rich; to becoming an inspiring and award-winning international public speaker and an in demand highly skilled transformational leader, teacher and mentor.

Cheryl is on a mission "To Guide 10 Million Disheartened Souls from WHY Me? to WHY NOT!"

Will you be one of them? 
Marion Bevington
Marion worked in the I.T sector for almost 25 years.

It took her that long to realize she wasn’t happy, healthy or fulfilled in life. In 2000, that was all confirmed when she got sick. 

It was the kick up the a*** she needed…

After a long personal health rehabilitation, she discovered how to regain her health, revitalise her life and revive her joy of life! She’s finally found her WHY, her place, her purpose, and her true self. 

Since then she’s dedicated her entire life to helping others find exactly that too! 

Marion used to program computers and now she deprograms people!
Together Marion and Cheryl make a great team and are the founders of the amazingly inspiring “WHYS Women” community. They have written a variety of transformational books and came together to write and produce this “Find Your WHY” book giving you access to their combined wisdom of 108 years!

They are dedicated to help people, like you to Find Your WHY one free book at a time: 
We ask for a small shipping and handling fee which goes straight to Glenice and John. They are the packing & shipping department here at The Find Your WHY! Foundation. Their WHY is to ensure that you receive your book in tip-top condition, and so they despatch it quickly and with love (and even a bit of fairy dust!)

They have over 150 years’ experience between them (yes they are in their 70’s). 
Find Your Why To Become
Frickin’ Awesome In 2019!
Find Your Why To Become Frickin’ Awesome In 2019!

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